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Apsara – beauty ritual Unique beauty procedure for whole body APSARA

In ancient India beautiful female inhabitants of heavenly planets, women that deprived gods of their kingdoms and sages of all their austerities’ fruits were called apsaras.  More

Duration — 90 min-2 hours.

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  • During 5 years my BP was above 200. I didn’t know it and did sports. It was tough, I felt weakness and tiredness. It was found out, that I had the lack of magnesium. During those 5 years the blood vessels were ruined. Injections for the vessels were made. Legs got most of the harm.

    There was a relapse after treatment. My temperature was 35.7 – 40 during 3 weeks. I went to “Kerala” center in this condition. Or, to say more exactly, I was taken there. I attended yoga-therapist, Manoj. The problem was solved during 3 days.

    Then we started to restore blood vessels. 8 months passes, and just one day my physical strength was increased in 2 or 3 times. Manoj says, that work of vessels and work of muscles were synchronized.

    One year and a half passed. Till the current moment, I’ve got new improvements. Just during one day my eyesight was improved. Earlier I was able to see numbers of cars only from 5 meter distance. Now I see them from 50 meters distance. I can read small letters. I couldn’t, earlier. In my opinion, the brain vessels started to work correctly. Manoj confirmed.

    At the present moment, Manoj and I are dealing with a new problem. It is about rage outbreaks. I have been able to deal with them earlier, but now I can’t, I have lost this skill, because of the lack of energy during those 8 years. Rage outbreaks appeared together with eyesight improvement, because the level of my inner energy was increased, but I lost the skill of managing it. (June 2019)

    Valentin Romanko
  • Massag Soma, group № 9. I want to express gratitude, wish you health, all the best and wellbeing. Mukesh and Sumesh, be happy and healthy. I liked everything: coziness, atmosphere, qualification of the doctor, masseurs. I wish you prosperity and all the best! (May 2019)

    Alla Busygina
  • Dear Doctor Mohammedali Palasseri! I am sincerely thankful to you for your professionalism, kind heart, blessed healing. I wish youhappiness, kindness and prosperity. Many thanks for the smooth work of therapists MukeshGopi and Sumesh, their gifted hands work miracles. A special thanks to Mukesh Gopi, he reacted quickly in a tough situation. Thanks to the careful staff of Ayurveda and yoga center Kerala. My deepest gratitude, Anastasia Atkinson. (March 2019)

    Anastasia Atkinson
  • A terrible story with a good ending and what does Ayurveda have to do with it.
    Once I was spending my holidays in Goa. And accidentally fell so much so that the prop came in 4 points – the knees and the place where leg becomes foot. In a hot climate, the sores did not heal, but became bigger and bigger.
    Returning to Moscow I went to an expensive and fashionable clinic. When the doctor found out that everything happened in India, she immediately prescribed a course of antibiotics. When I raised weak objections that I had a rest only in reservation for tourists where it was cleaner, than in Moscow in 10 times, that I didn’t visit real India and didn't walk there, the doctor severely objected that it was very necessary to take the whole course
    The wounds didn't heal, and what was worse – my legs became covered withpimples. I remembered the terrible stories of how people brought strange sores from overseas countries, no one knew how to treat them in Russia, and people died. When I came to the clinic, three doctors gathered to the concilium to discuss my problem. But the treatment did not help.
    And then came the day when I had to speak in front ofmany people, but pimples from feet moved to the whole body. They were even on the ears and nose. I was very sad and did not know what to do and what doctor I should visit.
    On Saturday I went to a yoga class. I was visiting a yoga center where all the teachers, massage therapists and Ayurveda doctors were from India. I went to the doctor for a small consultation, deciding that it would not be worse. The problem was from India, so maybe the doctor from India knew the answer for my disease. 
    He examined me and prescribed some special massage oil and sent me to it. Not really believing in success, I went for a massage. In this center, all massages are done in 4 hands, a lot of oil is used, but I like it. In general, I was thoroughly oiled and massaged.
    When I came home I found that my pimples decreased. There was no bound to my surprise and delight. So combining useful and pleasant massage, my rare illness left me.
    And since then I firmly believe in Ayurveda. I like that it sees the body as a whole and do not treat a separate organ. All medications that are prescribed are natural. Although sometimes they are very nasty. And also the doctor adjusts the diet.
    Ayurveda forever!!!  (February 2019)

    Guzel Garaeva, HR expert
  • I could not get pregnant for 15 years. The doctor of Ayurveda told me that my body wasfull of toxins and the uterus was cold. As a result, last year Dr. Kiran suggested me to have Panchakarma, including the purification of the reproductive system, and this year (January) I got pregnant for the first time in my life, although doctors of traditional medicine told me that I would never be pregnant in my life. (February, 2019)

    Elena, guest