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Kerala is a unique place on Earth, where “the science of life” Ayurveda originated, developed and was widely spread. Ayurveda believes true human beauty to be composed of outer, inner and spiritual beauty. By working on these three aspects, anyone can reach a balance of the body healthy condition; hence open his harmonic and wholly personality as it is originally supposed to be.

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“Njavar” rice, used in this procedure, makes it unique. This rice is ground up into powder, and then a specialist prepares a healing paste by mixing rice with herbal medicine and fresh milk. Masseurs apply it all over the body below neck with gentle massage movements, thus softly working through muscles and joints.  More

Duration — 1 hour.

BASHPA steaming in Indian sauna

Main specifics of Indian sauna is in the fact that your head is left outside, since, according to Ayurveda, head overheat is extremely harmful for health. For this procedure, one uses a barrel, which can be filled in with steam in a blink of an eye. Steam is the main secret ingredient of bashpa. It comes from a special medical herbs decoction.  More

Duration — 30 minutes.

CROWN oil procedure for head

According to Ayurveda, human body is like an inverted tree: its "roots" is a head, "trunk" - the torso, and the "branches" - limbs, it is the head where health of the whole body starts.  More

Duration — 1 hour .

DHANYAMLA DHARA the impact on subcutaneous fat, fighting for excess fat and excess weight.

Dhanyamlam is a special decoction of herbs, cooked according to the traditional recipe and all the rules of Ayurveda. Its main purpose is the impact on subcutaneous fat, fighting for excess fat and excess weight.


Duration — 60 min.

DHARA classic oil treatment

Dhara or Shirodhara is one of the most pleasant Ayurvedic treatments, during which a thin stream of warm healing oil is poured on the forehead. It stimulates the frontal area, thus achieving the effect of profound relaxation of the body and peace in mind. Oil is individually selected by Ayurvedic doctor in accordance with the constitution and the current state of the organism.  More

Duration — 1 hour.

MASUP massage with natural therapeutic powders

In ayurveda masup is a special mixture of medicated herbs and spices, which are then ground into powder and mixed with rice flour and chickpea flour. This is the miraculous powder which is used during Masup that gave name to this famous ayurvedic procedure.  More

Duration — 1 hour.


What makes a woman attractive?  A beautiful face?  Shiny skin ? Luxuriant hair?  Give care to yourself: magical hands of our beautician Jensy will help you to recover your flourishing look and feeling healthy after our new procedure ‘’Nalina’’.

Duration — 1 hour.

NASYA nasal cleansing with Ayurvedic oil

Nasya is the best means against neck problems, such as pains, numbing, compression, lumbago, osteochondrosis and many other. And may you not be surprised by the fact that our specialists will not work with your neck during this procedure.  More

Duration — 1 hour.

NAVAR bundles massage with healing rice

This massage is named after a special sort of curative rice which is used during this procedure. The rice is boiled in mixture of curative herbs brew and milk, then it is put in small soft balls made of cloth for massage.  More

Duration — 1 hour.

PODI Bundle massage with herbal powders

Herbal bundles for this massage are prepared of Kizhi, a mixture of therapeutic herbal powders wrapped in cloth. Before the procedure podi are heated in oil on copper “pan” called uruli. High temperature and interaction with oil activate the healing properties of herbs and they open up giving the maximum of their beneficial properties.  More

Duration — 1 hour.

Specialists of the Center

Listen to our loyal customers

  • I came to the center with persistent back pains. After several sessions of SOMA massage pain completely disappeared. It is worth noting that preliminary consultation with a doctor was very helpful. Dr. Kiran individually selected oil for massage and gave useful recommendations concerning general regime. Also it was great to have an opportunity to speak English with friendly doctor and staff. The level of cleanness and service is on the top! Special thanks to the group № 9 (Arun and Nikesh) for their care, attention and high level of professional skills! (September 2019)

    Remen Boris, programmer
  • On the 11th of September I had a head and hand massage performed by Sheeja and Ambujam. I am so impressed! Before the massage I had a headache. But during the head massage pain was already relieved and now I feel wonderful! Thank you so much! (September 2019)

    Areshina Anastasia, freelancer
  • It’s a supercenter! Great retreat! Thank you! Course of teacher Santosh is very useful and interesting. The course is recommended for everybody, regardless of age. (May 2019)

    Makarova Vera Yurievna, successful mother
  • I am really glad, that I attended Santosh's yoga classes about shapeliness and getting youth back. Exercises were not too complicated but they were effective. I haven’t done sports for a long time, but here, I felt energy surge on the second lesson, I noticed easy swimming of movement and reducing fat layers. Santosh is a really attentive one: He corrected us and showed us everything, when something go wrong. Also I like the atmosphere at lessons- there was some fun, but not too much, and there were some information about yoga. Now I have motivation to continue doing yoga and if there are new courses about women practices –I will come. (May 2019)

    Kunilova I.K., chemist-ecologist
  • I really liked five day course “Youth and beauty”. Exercises really suited to me, increasingly complicated. I could do all exercises from the cycle properly on the fifth day. Interesting theoretic information was valuable addition to the course. I wish this kind of yoga in center Kerala will be going well. I had wonderful teacher and translators ( I had 3). (March 2019)

    Vlasova Maria Yurievna, manager-analyst