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From July, 1 till July, 24 a remarkable marma-therapist, doctor of Ayurveda and sport doctor Neel Venugopal will give consultations at “Kerala” center.


Preliminary booking is open for:

·         Individual consultations on marma-therapy;

·         Marma-massage;

·         Individual consultations of Ayurvedic doctor

·         Two-day training course on marma-massage that will be held on the 21-22 of July.


till 01.07.18 there is a special price on the training course. Do not miss this unique opportunity!


Marma-therapy (marma-vidya) is a science about vital points on the body (marmas). In Sanscrit the word “marma” means a sensitive or vulnerable spot on the body.

To master the skills of marma-massage is the aim of many professionals. However, there are only a few advanced practitioners. One of them is doctor Neel Venugopal, a guest of Kerala Ayurveda and Yoga Center.



Doctor Neel Venugopal is a unique specialist who combines in his practice marma-therapy, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, sport medicine and Ayurvedic pharmaceutics. Apart from that, doctor Neel is an outstanding therapist who can detect not only visible, but also hidden diseases, define their reasons, and in most cases cure them completely.

Doctor Neel is a graduate of the faculty of medicine and surgery in a prestigious university in Kannur, Kerala. There he received a degree in yoga.

At present Doctor Neel is the head doctor of Ayurvedic research center Anjali (Kannur, India), where he not only is in charge of a team of doctors, but also gives yoga and marma-therapy classes.

In 2010 doctor Neel became head of the service of medical assistanceat the Goodwill Games in Delhi. In 2015 and 2016 he was an invited guest of Ayurvedic conference in Moscow.


Doctor Neel has mastered in perfection the knowledge about marma-points (vital points on a human body), as well as a means of using them to achieve full recovery from different diseases.

He worked out his own training course, which is in demand all over the world, including Russia. Knowledge and skills that he transmits to his students are equally unique and necessary in day-to-day practice of different specialists.

The course will be useful for all interested in recovery and treatment without medicine. No doubt this course will improve professional competence of doctors (osteopaths, emergency doctors), rescuer, massage therapists. It will help master effective methods of quick pain relief and treatment of various diseases without medicine.


Two day intensive training course on marma-massage.

I stage. Thory and practice  
21-22 of July (Saturday – Sunday), 10.00 -18.00  

About the course:

The participants of the course will learn to define 64 out of 107 marma-points, will find out different methods of manipulating them.

Theoretical and practical part:

·         «Basics of marma-therapy»,

·         «Marma-anatomy»,

·         «Marma-psychology»

·         «Providing first aid in emergencies»,

·         «Manipulating marma-points in head and neck regions»,

·         «Manipulating marma-points on legs and back side of the body »,

·         «Manipulating marma-points in chest and abdomen»,

·         «Special techniques of marma-massage for treating migraines, neck pain and back pain».


At the end of the course a certificate of an international format is provided.

More detailed information on the course by Neel Venugopal you can get by additional request.


before 31.05 - 27 000 RUB 
from 1.6 till 30.06 – 30 000 RUB 
from 01.07 till 21.07 - 32 000 RUB

Details are available with the administrators of the center  and by number +7 (495) 646 13 31.

Listen to our loyal customers

  • "Today I visited Navin’s class. I got a burst of energy, stretching and pleasure. Everything was clear, physical load was moderate and I felt comfortable. I recommend this teacher."

    Akopyan Stella Grigorievna. Travel agent

    Akopyan Stella Grigorievna
  • Sultanova Natalya


    I would like to praise the center for hiring highly-qualified staff. I attend yoga classes by Sachin. He is a very serious, demanding and        conscientious teacher. The lessons are based on an individual approach and gradual complication. Wonderful!


    Sultanova Natalya
  • Pak Egor Viktorovich

    Head of a company

    Everything was great, thank you. Sunil is a wonderful teacher! He showed me real yoga and this discovery has proven to be very interesting and useful for my life. I liked Ksheeradhara, it was done in 4 hands and the performance was excellent.  

    Thank you!


    Pak Egor Viktorovich
  • Individual entrepreneur

    “Kerala” has a wonderful, very authentic atmosphere – it is an island of real India in Moscow! The instructors are all very different – for each taste and for people with different energetics. I liked it here very much!

    Thank you!

    Suhomlinova Viktoria Vladimirovna
  • I am grateful to the staff of the centre “Kerala” for a perfect atmosphere, consideration and understanding. Especially I would like to thank masters Shiva and Samjith for their wonderful lessons. Their mastery helps one merge into oneself, relax, realize their true desires; live more fully, filling up their vital resources. It is especially valuable to have such an opportunity in Moscow in a series of strenuous work days and stresses. I love your centre very much and I am grateful that you always consider suggestions from constant visitors.


    Chernyh Alla, manager