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In “Kerala” centre aganda yoga is held on the 21st of each month in honor of International Yoga Day, which has for many years been celebrated in Russia on the 21st of June.



To honor this holiday – we offer additional 5% discount for the discount card for buying yoga membership card!


A continuous flow of practice which lasts several hours – this is the format of aganda-yoga. Different teachers and different styles alternate each other. Students can join classes at any moment and stay for any amount of classes.

The idea of "aganda-yoga" takes its origin in the practice of aganda-japa, which means continuous and constant singing from dawn to sunrise. "Aganda" means inner serenity and the absence of external irritants.


The schedule of classes within the day of aganda-yoga will be announced one week before the event.

Follow our schedule: 


Only on the 21st new guests attend all classes, which are held as a part of aganda-yoga, for free, and a 10% discount is given for purchase of the membership card for yoga! This is a splendid opportunity to choose a like-minded teacher and practice, which suits precisely you.

Come with your friends!

Detailed information is available at the reception desk and by number: +7(495)646 13 31.

Listen to our loyal customers

  • "Today I visited Navin’s class. I got a burst of energy, stretching and pleasure. Everything was clear, physical load was moderate and I felt comfortable. I recommend this teacher."

    Akopyan Stella Grigorievna. Travel agent

    Akopyan Stella Grigorievna
  • Sultanova Natalya


    I would like to praise the center for hiring highly-qualified staff. I attend yoga classes by Sachin. He is a very serious, demanding and        conscientious teacher. The lessons are based on an individual approach and gradual complication. Wonderful!


    Sultanova Natalya
  • Pak Egor Viktorovich

    Head of a company

    Everything was great, thank you. Sunil is a wonderful teacher! He showed me real yoga and this discovery has proven to be very interesting and useful for my life. I liked Ksheeradhara, it was done in 4 hands and the performance was excellent.  

    Thank you!


    Pak Egor Viktorovich
  • Individual entrepreneur

    “Kerala” has a wonderful, very authentic atmosphere – it is an island of real India in Moscow! The instructors are all very different – for each taste and for people with different energetics. I liked it here very much!

    Thank you!

    Suhomlinova Viktoria Vladimirovna
  • I am grateful to the staff of the centre “Kerala” for a perfect atmosphere, consideration and understanding. Especially I would like to thank masters Shiva and Samjith for their wonderful lessons. Their mastery helps one merge into oneself, relax, realize their true desires; live more fully, filling up their vital resources. It is especially valuable to have such an opportunity in Moscow in a series of strenuous work days and stresses. I love your centre very much and I am grateful that you always consider suggestions from constant visitors.


    Chernyh Alla, manager