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Lecture about healthy conception of the head doctor of the center, Ayurveda doctor, D.P.M., chief doctor of the center Mohammedali Palasseri. 

Bal Diwas or the Children’s day is a big holiday in India, it is fixed to a date of birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, who paid much attention to the upbringing of a new generation of free citizens of his country.

In the center “Kerala” this event is celebrated with the lecture of our chief doctor and father of many children, Dr. Mohammedali. Doctor will tell about the rules of Ayurveda concerning healthy conception, differing in young and mature age of parents, will answer the worrying questions of the gathered. 

The beginning of the lecture is at 19:00. 

Price – 500 RUB 
Book in by the phone: +7 (495) 646 13 31.