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The 19-th of August and 2-d of September at 13:00 we invite you to participate in our free introduction seminar where you will be able:

·        to meet personally our yoga instructor Samjith,

·        to get more information about the course,

·        ask all additional questions to our yoga instructor. 


The course body shaping from yoga instructor from India Samjith. 


Author's course "Fitness and Yoga " from Samjith - the yoga instructor from India.

The classes link well known traditional yoga methods together with modern Fitness techniques. The course will be taken in Ayurveda and Yoga center "Kerala".


Who is this course for ?

This course is for someone who is constantly working on himself, interesting in personal self-development and self-improvement practices , taking care of his mind and body, and striving towards a perfectly shaped body.

The specially developed program helps to correct and improve your body: to increase or reduce curves where it's needed. 

The course allows to build up muscles strength, increase general body tone, to lose some extra weight, to soften and smooth body skin.

The course will be great for both -  complete beginners and already experienced students, men and women.


The total duration of the course is one month (12 classes).


·      Days of classes: Tuesday, Thursday (19:00), Sunday  (14:30).

·      Each class takes 1,5 hour (90 minutes), 

·      The course will take place in Ayurveda and Yoga center "Kerala"  from 04.09-30.09.2018


The course "Yoga and Fitness for body shaping" is based on holistic approach: building up a harmony between physical body and spiritual mind.

It is not just pure yoga or Fitness. The program includes all the best from both practices. That's why it's so powerful and effective.

During the course you will work on your physical body, improve its general condition and wellbeing, increase  your energy flow, calm down your mind and learn how to direct your thoughts. 

 Don't worry if you are absolute beginner and have no experience in yoga or fitness. You will definitely learn everything step by step during the course. In order to understand what this course is exactly about, please sign up to our introduction free seminar ( the next one will be on August 19-th at 13:00)

The course Benefits, what are you getting:


  • Author's body shaping technique that is based on summary of Fitness +Hatha Yoga+ personal Dietary recommendations.
  • Individual workout program and personal dietary plan.
  • Total teacher's guidance and personal assistance while practicing and completing  exercises, asanas and breathing practice.
  • Answers to all the questions regarding your practices .

As the main benefit of this course you will get the most effective and powerful tools for your body shaping, the personal assistance and support of experienced yoga specialist, and the ability to practice all given tools during the course classes.

During the course you will:


·         Pump up the process of your body shaping and tone up muscles;


·         Generally strengthen and improve your body, get energized;



·         Improve your flexibility and increase endurance;


·        Learn to listen to  your body and control your emotions;


·         Become more calm and mindful.


By the end of the course you will get personal dietary recommendations from Samjith and individual complex of special exercises that you can easily repeat by yourself on a daily base in order to achieve your fitness goals.

If by the end of the course you will have any questions or you face certain moments that will have to be clarify, you can be sure that you ll get all necessary help and assistance form our teacher.



The description of the class:


Each class includes a few steps:

  • Cardio session. 

These are Fitness exercises that require extra energy and keep your body burning more calories. Cardio session is a necessary part of any weight loss plan, and they also   strengthen very well the cardiovascular system.

  • Strength training.

Strength training is a type of  exercises that build muscle by harnessing resistance against an opposing force. Strength training improves  muscle strength and tone, helps,protect your joints from injury, maintains flexibility and balance.

  • Stretching.

This is form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle's felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. Stretching also help to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins and unwanted fat. The stretching is based on fitness exercises and Hatha Yoga asanas practice.

  • Pranayama.

Pranayama is a  breathing exercise which affects and clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body.

 Pranayama reduces stress, releases energy block, strengthens respiratory  system.

  • Meditation.

Meditation helps to archive calmness and mindfulness, improves energy flow, relaxes the whole body.

  • Relaxation.

Relaxation is a final stage of the each class. It is the very important step that is vital for your mind and body relaxation. Our teacher uses special self-empowerment training during the relaxation.


 The price of one month course - 12.000 rub.

Reservations are required.

If you make a full payment before 20.08.18 - the price of the course drops down to 10.000 rub!

If you make a full payment before 03.09.18 - the price drops down to 11.500 rub!

The introduction seminar is FREE!

There are two FREE introduction seminars before the beginning of the course- 19.08.18 and 02.09.18 in 13:00.


Important! The course contradictions!

  • Obesity ( when the body weight is above 90 kg);
  • Recent injuries and bone fractures;
  • Current surgery recovery;
  • Chronic spine problems;
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular systems dysfunctions.

If you have any of described above conditions or any other physical and emotional states, that cause anxiety- we recommend you personally contact our teacher before the beginning of the course.


If you would like to sign up for the course or free seminar please feel free to contact our  front desk staff for assistance:

contact phone number +7(495)6461331.

Listen to our loyal customers

  • My husband, knowing well how I love and treasure yoga, ayurveda and “Kerala” center, gives me gift cards to that center for different holidays. And I wait fot that present with a great pleasure every time, as well as Soma massage, on having made which feeling of harmony, coziness and the mood come. My thanks to the 6-th women massage group, which contribute to this with their smiles, warm oil and same kind of reception professionally! See you soon!

    Galina Ivanova
  • I feel gratitude towards the center “Kerala” for the provided services!
    Wonderful massage girls Jomal and Latika (team №5) are real professionals! I got the maximum relaxation!

    Tsvetova Galina Fedorovna
  • I received the certificate as a birthday gift. And today I have finally used it, I did “Soma” massage and it’s been an immense pleasure for me. I want to thank everyone for their attention and express my special gratitude to the girls who did the massage: Jamol and Shobhana. I will surely recommend this centre to my friends and will be visiting it myself.

    Kopylova Elena, retired
  • I am very grateful to Latika and Rajita (5th brigade) for their careful attitude. My severe neuropathic pain disappeared thanks to their skilled hands and kind hearts. I wish them all the best! God bless them!

    Musemilyan Sirvard
  • Today I visited Navin’s class. I got a burst of energy, stretching and pleasure. Everything was clear, physical load was moderate and I felt comfortable. I recommend this teacher.

    Akopyan Stella Grigorievna. Travel agent