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As we know, according to Ayurveda 3 doshas are the basic consistents of any body. But we hardly ponder upon the fact that they have direct correlation to… sound. A sound can become an unbelievably effective remedy to calm down misbalanced dosha and to prevent a disease, or to help with recovery by making a tremendous impact on prana flows.



Sound consists of one of the basic elements of the Universe – ether, which have all the qualities of remaining 4 elements. But to harmonize the influenced dosha, the very same qualities which are predominant in the dosha should be predominant in the sound.

When we are exposed to the melodic sounds, all our cells start to vibrate in unison, mind concentrates and stops the ultimate inner dialogue. Consciousness and body come into harmony.


The biggest effect we can get from mantras – the sacral sounds, which awaken vital energy.


Doctor Kiran during an interactive lecture which will be held 10.06 at 13:00 will:

·         explain how to get the desired effect on body and mind by means of different sounds;

·         explain the phenomena of mantra and will talk about the issue which mantras can be used in different cases;

·         hold a session of mantra singing with all the members of the workshop.


Come to the lecture and experience on yourself the magic influence and power of music and mantras!


Cost: 500 RUB.

On the day of the event the participants of the lecture get the discount of 20% for the purchase of the course of sessions of the music therapy 

Listen to our loyal customers

  • Pak Egor Viktorovich

    Head of a company

    Everything was great, thank you. Sunil is a wonderful teacher! He showed me real yoga and this discovery has proven to be very interesting and useful for my life. I liked Ksheeradhara, it was done in 4 hands and the performance was excellent.  

    Thank you!


    Pak Egor Viktorovich
  • Individual entrepreneur

    “Kerala” has a wonderful, very authentic atmosphere – it is an island of real India in Moscow! The instructors are all very different – for each taste and for people with different energetics. I liked it here very much!

    Thank you!

    Suhomlinova Viktoria Vladimirovna
  • I am grateful to the staff of the centre “Kerala” for a perfect atmosphere, consideration and understanding. Especially I would like to thank masters Shiva and Samjith for their wonderful lessons. Their mastery helps one merge into oneself, relax, realize their true desires; live more fully, filling up their vital resources. It is especially valuable to have such an opportunity in Moscow in a series of strenuous work days and stresses. I love your centre very much and I am grateful that you always consider suggestions from constant visitors.


    Chernyh Alla, manager
  • Artist

    I want to say thank you to Kerala center! It is been already six months since I became a regular guest of the center. First of all, I would like to thank all the girls from the reception desk for their excellent job and special care. Thank you so much girls for always being friendly, caring and warm-hearted.

    I usually attend to individual yoga practice with Shiva. Shiva is a very kind and devoted teacher. He always senses a delicate approach finding proper asanas and never pushes beyond my body limits. With that kind of approach the progress comes smooth and easily. Eventually it comes to the point that you can naturally achieve any physical aspect of asanas, and you are truly amazed by that fact! During his classes Shiva also pays lots of attention to pranayama techniques. All the time after the class I feel energized and inspired and want to come back to the class again and again. I am very satisfied with my result! For the past six months I was able to get rid of headaches and backache. I highly recommend Shiva as a premium yoga specialist.

    Sarvanga massage is a pure joy and nirvana. Massagists Shadi and Mukesh are highly professional specialists. After the massage course I was able to overcome depression, insomnia and headaches.

    Thank you so much again to Kerala center!


    Frolova Elena
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mohammedali for the treatment and thoughtfulness. Thanks to the 8th and 9th brigades for a high quality massage with steaming as well.

    Olga Rusan, designer