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Practical workshop “Yoga for lovers of jogging”. Teacher of yoga Shiva.

A workshop “Yoga for lovers of jogging”, Teacher of yoga Shiva, will be held on the 8.07 (Sunday) at 13:00.

Nowadays jogging is the most accessible and very popular way to keep fit. Visit our practical workshop. At this workshop teacher of yoga Shiva will talk about a link between jogging and yoga. You will find out how to improve your strength and stamina by means of the practice, which is essential for anybody who loves jogging. You will also get useful knowledge about the ways you can recover after race and prepare yourself for longer distances.

During this workshop you will get acquainted with the following practices:

  • to improve elasticity and strength of legs and back;

  • to reduce the tiredness and painfulness of muscles and joints after the race;

  • to improve neuromuscular coordination (between activity of the brain and muscles), which is very important for runners.



Use the acquired knowledge and your new records will not keep you waiting!

Cost: 1 000 RUB


Book for the workshop and get the detailed information with the administrators or via phone: + 7 (495) 646 13 31.