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Regressive therapy, held by Gireesh, is somewhere on the borderline between science and mystic. On the one hand it is based on scientific researches of link between health and emotional state (psycho- neuro- immune- endocrinologic approach). On the other hand, such fundamental changes of life quality, provoked by changing the inner system of beliefs and emotional state, sometimes seem to be plainly a miracle.

In the end of September to the center “Kerala” returns a wonderful guest guru Gireesh: Reiki master, coach, specialist of meditation, pranayama and mental techniques.

Fr om 11.11 till 11.12 master Gireesh will hold for you:

-         Individual consultations;

-         Sessions of regressive therapy and Reiki healing;

-         Educational seminars and retreats.

You can have individual consultations with master Gireesh and visit educational courses, wh ere you can master some secrets of his “magic”.


Introductory lecture of master Gireesh.

16 of November (thu) at 19:00. In case you didn’t have a chance to meet with our guest yet, you should necessarily come to his introductive lecture. You will become acquainted with the knowledge about healing energy of Reiki, techniques of mind control and creating of your future destiny, about working through your past and changing present.

Cost: free of charge.

17.11, 20.11, 24.11, 27.11, 01.12, 04.12, 08.12, 11.12 at 8:30 – Morning meditative classes

Every Friday and Monday meditative sessions will be held, during which you will be able not only to learn and to plunge into new meditative techniques, but also to discover edges of your personality. During the class on 13.10 guru Gireesh will focus on the technique, which allows to lead negative energy aside from you with the help of meditation.

Cost of 1 class – 1 200 rubles,

Card for 4 classes – 4 000 rubles.


25.11 – 26.11 (saturday-sunday) at 9:30 till 16:00 – Study and Reiki initiation, I degree.

Skill to attract energy of the Universe, in other words Reiki, and to manage it, will bring health, harmony, wealth and happiness not only you but your family as well. If you want to make your first step towards a new life, attend our training course of master Gireesh.

Cost – 8 000 rubles.

28.11 (tuesday) since 19:00 till 22:00– Meditative camp.

Meditative camp is a programme of working upon consciousness, which became extremely popular among guests of our center and among people all over the world, who was lucky to attend it. All day long you will clean the mirror of your mind off taint of fuss, dependencies and values, imposed by the society, while plunging deeper into understanding of your true self.

Cost – 3 500 rubles.

02.12-03.12 (saturday-sunday) since 9:30 till 19:00 – Mind Power and goal setting.

Do you know which factor of successful way is essential? Answer – a correctly chosen goal. If you want to learn to set goals and tasks correctly, to see the steps for achieving them, and, the most important, to use the power of your mind and intellect for realization of all, even the most challenging desires, in that case this training seminar of master Gireesh will become for you a key to the door, behind which the dreams will come true.

Cost – 5 000 rubles.


05.12 (tuesday) since 19:00 till 22:00 – Mudras – the keys to natural healing.

Westerners are sometimes hard to believe that simple things, for example specific positioning of fingers can change the energy flow in the human body, thus healing him and vitalizing him. But it is precisely this way. Do you want to make sure first-hand in the power of mudras and to learn to use them in your everyday life? In that case we invite you to our special seminar of master Gireesh “Mudras and health”.

Cost – 3 500 rubles.

07.12 (thursday) since 9:30 till 19:00 – Karuna Reiki.

You can find out the most enigmatic and mysterious part of the Reiki due to the training and initiating of Karuna Reiki, which will be held by master Gireesh in our center. This practice is revealed through compassion and love to all living creatures. It fulfills your body, your surroundings, life and all people near you with harmony.

Cost – 10 000 rubles.

09.12-10.12 (Saturday-Sunday) since 9:30 till 19:00 – Outdoor retreat «Regressive therapy».  

This weekend can change your life forever. Retreats of master Gireesh with regressive therapy theme is a unique opportunity to say goodbye forever to the burden of past insults and challenges, and to meet your wonderful and light future being renewed and creative. It is important to remember that happiness is not a result, it is a path and self-improvement. This path is interesting, grasping and it brings harmony and satisfaction.

Cost – 7 000 rubles.

Accomodation and vegetarian meals are paid for additional cost.

The exact location of the retreat will be reported additionally.