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We invite you to spend the first long days off of the summer, 10 – 11 of June, to spend with benefit for your health by studying simple at first sight but still very wanted and healthful yogic technique Sukshma-vyama. It keeps in itself the secret knowledge of North Indian siddhi’s about human nature, which were revealed to European civilization a little bit more than  50 years ago.




Samjith Marthankandy Poovadan, teacher of yoga of the Ayurveda and yoga center “Kerala”, native of India, developed a 2-days course Sukshma-vyama, which can prepare even the beginning practitioners to performing of complicated asanas, without any damage to the ligaments and joints. It also has a beneficial effect in getting rid of different ailments.



Moreover, you will be able to take home all the acquired knowledge and use it at home during your everyday practice.



Sukshma  means  “micro or  small”,  vyama means  “practice”. Sukshma vyama  is the basic movements, basic stretching and basic strengthening. This practice effects each body muscle, joint, nervous system, circulation etc. A proper impact is given on muscles and joints during each minute of the class. This practice will improve the pranic (energy) flow in the body.







The difference between ordinary physical practice or warming up from Sukshma-vyama is that ordinary exercises we do mechanically, while during the practice of Sukshma-vyama for the most effective result it is very important to be aware and to feel your body.




The sequence of Sukshma-vyama can be used as a stand-alone practice or to precede your everyday yoga practice or physical trainings with it.




Sukshma-vyama is suitable for anyone:

         beginning practitioners – for fast, correct and painless progress in your practice;

         experienced yogis – for further improvement and increasing of practice efficiency;

         professional sportsmen and bodybuilders, who are preparing to the competitions or for those who train energetic;

         for gaining body flexibility and elasticity of ligaments at any age;

         for maintaining health of joints for those who has temporary medical exemption from physical loads;

         for those who are recovering after blood-strokes or crashes;

         for those who maintain mobility with light forms of infantile cerebral paralysis.

The course has theoretical and practical parts.


Consists of:

         Introduction of the Sukshma vyama;

         Sukshma vyama and body awareness;

         Sukshma vyama and breath;

         Sukshma vyama for each body part: from toes  to hips, from hips to neck, from neck to head;

         Sukshma vyama and pranayama (to release stress and depression states, to enlarge lungs capacity);

         A link between Sukshma vyama and Basic asans of hatha yoga;

         Sukshma vyama and voice (for recovering of vocal cords, work with diaphragm and during a talk);

         Shitalikarana vyama (cooling practices);

         Relaxation practices & Meditation.



Place of holding a workshop:

Dmitrovskoe shosse, 11 (5 minutes by foot from metro station Timiryazevskaya) in the building of dance school DHQ.

Dates: 10 – 11 of June, 2018 (Sunday – Monday).

Timing: 9:00 – 13:00.

Cost: the price of 2-days course is 6 000 RUB.

There is a special price for a course if pay before the 1st of June – 5 000 RUB!

Come with all your family and appreciate the benefit from this practice!

Listen to our loyal customers

  • Pak Egor Viktorovich

    Head of a company

    Everything was great, thank you. Sunil is a wonderful teacher! He showed me real yoga and this discovery has proven to be very interesting and useful for my life. I liked Ksheeradhara, it was done in 4 hands and the performance was excellent.  

    Thank you!


    Pak Egor Viktorovich
  • Individual entrepreneur

    “Kerala” has a wonderful, very authentic atmosphere – it is an island of real India in Moscow! The instructors are all very different – for each taste and for people with different energetics. I liked it here very much!

    Thank you!

    Suhomlinova Viktoria Vladimirovna
  • I am grateful to the staff of the centre “Kerala” for a perfect atmosphere, consideration and understanding. Especially I would like to thank masters Shiva and Samjith for their wonderful lessons. Their mastery helps one merge into oneself, relax, realize their true desires; live more fully, filling up their vital resources. It is especially valuable to have such an opportunity in Moscow in a series of strenuous work days and stresses. I love your centre very much and I am grateful that you always consider suggestions from constant visitors.


    Chernyh Alla, manager
  • Artist

    I want to say thank you to Kerala center! It is been already six months since I became a regular guest of the center. First of all, I would like to thank all the girls from the reception desk for their excellent job and special care. Thank you so much girls for always being friendly, caring and warm-hearted.

    I usually attend to individual yoga practice with Shiva. Shiva is a very kind and devoted teacher. He always senses a delicate approach finding proper asanas and never pushes beyond my body limits. With that kind of approach the progress comes smooth and easily. Eventually it comes to the point that you can naturally achieve any physical aspect of asanas, and you are truly amazed by that fact! During his classes Shiva also pays lots of attention to pranayama techniques. All the time after the class I feel energized and inspired and want to come back to the class again and again. I am very satisfied with my result! For the past six months I was able to get rid of headaches and backache. I highly recommend Shiva as a premium yoga specialist.

    Sarvanga massage is a pure joy and nirvana. Massagists Shadi and Mukesh are highly professional specialists. After the massage course I was able to overcome depression, insomnia and headaches.

    Thank you so much again to Kerala center!


    Frolova Elena
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mohammedali for the treatment and thoughtfulness. Thanks to the 8th and 9th brigades for a high quality massage with steaming as well.

    Olga Rusan, designer