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Literally, pranayama means control of your breath or prana (life force). Ancient texts say that each person has a fixed number of inhales and exhales, i.e. correct (calm and deep) breathing not just improves your health, but also prolongs life. At the seminar, you will learn various breathing techniques; learn about levels of human being Pranamaya Kosha (the Energetic Body); basic pranas and their purpose. Doing special breathing exercises, you will learn to control your mental and physical state.

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  • I am so grateful to wonderful girls, who have made me my massage procedure. Amazing energetics, magical hands – and a feeling of complete refreshment as a result.(June 2019)

    Irina Morgun
  • Hello! I want to express my sincere gratitude, from all my heart, body and soul, and to thank you for a gorgeous course "Meeting Kerala". This center is wonderful, authentic, specialists are brilliant, programs are magical! I was happy to spend that day at your place! (June 2019)

    Anna Mishyrovskaya
  • The history of my family’s friendship with dr. Mohammedali started more than 20 years ago.

    At that time an awful grief happened to our family: in the beginning of the pubertal age our daughter grew up by 52 sm. Her spine, still very infantile, couldn’t cope with the load and rapid growth and started to subside spirally. We broke into searching a solution and heroically fussed from one clinic to another, from an orthopedist to a bonesetter, but the scoliosis grew progressively worse.
    So by 13 years old my girl was already fettered by a plastic spinal support with the metal pins. The fourth-degree scoliosis on the verge of a fracture… The child needed spinal surgery. Metal pins, a year and a half with a cast and a very likely disablement. Still, I can’t think about that time without tears. I can’t express a mother’s desperation, who is watching her child on the verge of disablement.
    And just on the brink of such disaster a fortune granted us the meeting with doctor Mohammedali. He didn’t promise us anything. He never promises anything. He just told quietly and casually “Let’s see…”… But I got the hope! A one-day miracle didn’t happen.
    More than 2 years the doctor and his assistants-masseurs were working to correct the child’s spine. How much knowledge, patience, heart wealth and simple human’s compassion the put into! They were rescuing my girl! And literally straightened her spine!
    When we came to the clinic after 2 years, the orthopedist diagnosed only slight postural disorder. Now my daughter is an adult. A very successful both in her professional and private life. We are indebted for her and my mother’s happiness to dr. Mohammedali and those who supported us that time and trusted in Ayurveda. And that was not easy.
    Thanks to Ayurveda! Thanks to dr. Mohammedali! Thanks to all the staff of Kerala center! With all due respect and a low bow to everyone, Olga Slipchenko. (June 2019)

    Olga Slipchenko
    What is more important?

    It’s been a long time since I posted something: I didn’t have energy at all).
    I was undergoing a cleaning procedure in the Kerala center…

    Long-long time ago Olga Mansurova acquainted me with Dr. Mohammedali Palasseri, I even can’t remember when it was, many years passed since that day, sometimes it seems to me that more than 10 years… And since then I don’t visit traditional doctors in any clinic or hospital except for stomatologist or traumotologist to get some X-rays or stitches, if they are necessary… Only once I accidentally got into an infectious hospital, where I at once was made a lumbar puncture of spinal cord because nobody could understand why I had that much severe headache. The pain was really that much bad that I forgot about Dr. Mohammedali and the Kerala center and I was happy that I was taken to any hospital at all, so that someone could stop this.

    So, I had three cases in my life, which were a little bit more complicated than a cold with temperature. And in none of these three cases traditional doctors could hardly make a diagnosis. 

    The first time everything was relieved by itself after almost two weeks of antibiotics and other chemical poisons.

    The second time – after the third doctor could not make a diagnosis  and tell me why my stomach didn’t work for almost two weeks, I got acquainted with Dr. Mohammedali with his smiling eyes. He measured my pulse with the help of stop-watch, afterwards he told that everything was clear and prescribed me to take some herbs… And already after 12 hours I felt good relief.

    The third time was the case with inserting the needle into my spine, after what I was discharged from the hospital with the diagnoses “postpunctional syndrome”!!! Do you understand that? I arrived to the hospital without a puncture, I was made this puncture there and then I was under the treatment to recover after that very puncture… Interesting, right?)

    So, if I stick to the point, I would like to make a post on how much does my health influence my family, business and colleagues, but in fact it turned out to be a post of gratitude towards Olga and Dr. Mohammedali.


    As for the interdependence of health and business, – I will make that post some other day…

    By the way, my weight got back to the weight of 2001-2002 for the first time in 10 years.

    Take care, my friends!

    Attention! This is my story and I am not against traditional medicine, I also don’t tell that one method suits for everyone… I just got luck to get results in another medicine! (June 2019)

    Oleg Serebrennikov
  • During 5 years my BP was above 200. I didn’t know it and did sports. It was tough, I felt weakness and tiredness.  It was found out, that I had the lack of magnesium. During those 5 years the blood vessels were ruined. Injections for the vessels were made. Legs got most of the harm.
    There was a relapse after treatment. My temperature was 35.7 – 40 during 3 weeks.
    I went to “Kerala” center in this condition. Or, to say more exactly, I was taken there. I attended yoga-therapist, Manoj. The problem was solved during 3 days.

    Then we started to restore blood vessels. 8 months passes, and just one day my physical strength was increased in 2 or 3 times. Manoj says, that work of vessels and work of muscles were synchronized.

    One year and a half passed. Till the current moment, I’ve got new improvements. Just during one day my eyesight was improved. 
    Earlier I was  able to see numbers of cars only from 5 meter distance. Now I see them from 50 meters distance. I can read small letters. I couldn’t, earlier. In my opinion, the brain vessels started to work correctly. Manoj confirmed.

    Much gratitude to Manoj for his techniques that has helped me to recover my health with no side effects. (June 2019)

    Valentin Romanko