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Online consultations of a Vedic astrologer (India)

Online consultations of a Vedic astrologer (India)
When and why one should go in for a consultation of a Vedic astrologer?

An astrologer’s consultation is a service which is much-in-demand. Unfortunately, few astrologer visitors know about the possibilities of astrology, often confusing it with magic or fortune telling. Some clients are visiting an astrologer only because they are curious. And only few people really understand the value of the consulting and the benefits that they can get from it.

Vedic astrology studies cyclic processes in the world and connects them to the cycles of motion of planets and stars. All the confirmations of astrologers mostly are based upon the positions of planets in the sky at a particular moment in a particular geographic place. An astrologer can’t influence the star’s motion, an astrologer can just predict the tendencies of development of events in the world in general as well as in a life of a concrete person and give him or her recommendations in accordance to these data.

All of us are undergoing a crisis situation now. And an astrologer’s consultation may be very helpful in that period. Competent understanding of a situation, most likely development paths and most successful directions of acting – consulting an astrologer will help you to find out all these things. He will analyze the situation and thus will be able to indicate the ways, following which, you will be able to overcome the crises fast and with less lost and to retrieve back to a normal life.

Also an astrologer’s consultation will be useful in the following spheres:
  • acceptance of yourself (your needs and goals);
  • interpersonal relations (compatibility of partners in the family, business);
  • planning of your activities (business planning, planning of a big purchase, choosing a date for marriage, conception of children, choosing time for planned operations etc.);
  • identification of talents of a child, his or her strong and weak sides etc.
Due to the situation in the world Vedic astrologer Aswin couldn’t come to Moscow as he was planning previously. But we managed to organize online consultations for you. Now you can have a consultation of a competent astrologer without leaving your home.

How does an online consultation go on?

During a consultation, after making up your natal chart according to date, time and place of your birth, Aswin will give recommendations on how to maximize the usage of beneficial position of planets and decrease harmful influence of planets on your life, he will give answers to your questions, give recommendations to change the situation to better. If necessary he will recommend and run for you Vedic ceremonies – puja and homa.

To book for a consultation, please, choose a suitable date and time from 08:00 to 14:30, according to Moscow time, conform it with an administrator of the “Kerala” center by the phone + 7 (495) 646 1331.

To pay for the consultation, please, use the link below.

After the payment you will receive a link to the ZOOM conference on your email, connect to the conference with the astrologer on the confirmed date and time.

At the consultation there will be the astrologer, his helper and an experienced translator who has been accompanying consultations on Jyotish for over 30 years. The consultation is not recorded, we are keeping confidentiality.

Use this opportunity to consult an experienced Vedic astrologer Aswin from India.

Duration of consultation: 60 min.

Price: 6 000 RUB. Purchase

Detailed information by calling: + 7 (495) 646 1331

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  • It is really great that in Moscow there is an opportunity to have the miraculous program “Panchakarma”. You don’t have to travel far away, but you can have this unique medical care not far from home. Especially I would like to note the professionalism, delicacy and attentiveness of massage groups № 6 and № 7, and real care of the girls at the reception. Thanks for the created atmosphere to the chief doctor of the clinic Dr. Mohammedali.

    Natalia Zankova
  • I express my deep gratitude to your Center – to all the staff! I visit it every time with great pleasure and delight! On my birthday, masters of a female group gave me a wonderful oil massage, Soma, and, after the procedure I got great pleasure by trying desserts of your delicious cuisine – masala tea, desserts of October – pumpkin cake, ladu, and I surely will be back to your café again. I came to you earlier to marma-therapist-doctor Neel, I studied under his guidance and got a Certificate of marma-massage specialist. Thank you immensely for that opportunity, especially because I myself am a specialist of Ayurveda. Special thanks to your Administrator Natalia – responsible, attentive, professional – she has been supervising me and my friends in all the questions in the Center for many years, she carefully guided us through all the stages of studies of doctor Neel. She recommends to visit yoga therapist Manoj, I have been planning it, she is a wonderful person, bright and light girl. I would like to come back to you again and again – to your Ayurveda Temple! With respect and love,

    Elena Bespalova
  • I want to tell great thanks to all the staff of the “Kerala” center. Once again I received support and understanding while passing a difficult period for me. This is my 3rd Panchakarma and each time it was a friendly atmosphere, well-coordinated professional work and, consequently, an excellent result. Regaining health and prolongation of youth. I would like to express my personal gratitude to my amazing, inspiring and demanding doctor Kiran. His charisma and professionalism guided me through all the difficulties of the necessary procedures. «My girls» – group № 6. In their kind and gentle hands I got back my health and love to my body. And, of cause, «the face of the center» is the reception. All girls are smart beauties, they solve any issues with ease as though they are magicians!

    I recommend the «Kerala» center to my family and to all my friends and I myself will come back here for sure. Thank you. Namaste.

    Khromova Vera
  • I’m Iowu Lilia.

    I want to thank two girls massagists for a wonderful massage.

    Regards, Lilia.

  • I had the facial massage by our new cosmetologist Lidia Lavrova. I decided do it regularly. She works deeply, powerfully, hands are warm and sensitive, 100% professional. Thank you so much!

    Domracheva Olga Lvovna