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Yoga classes with teachers from India not leaving home: group and individual online classes and video classes

Yoga classes with teachers from India not leaving home: group and individual online classes and video classes

Now is just the time to go in for self-development and practice of yoga. The only thing you have to do is to choose the suitable format of practicing for you:

  • Online individual classes – any convenient time for you, every day from 9:00 to 19:00
  • Group classes online – everyday from 10:00 to 16:00 according to schedule.
  • Video classes – practicing at any convenient time, altogether with the family, access to the class is available for 7 days

How to purchase a class

  • To get an access to a video class it is needed to pay for the class, using a link below this text (on the page with the description of the video class).

    1. Indicate your email in the payment form – you will get a letter with a link. The link leads to your personal account, for access you need a login (your email address) and a password.
    2. You will get a password to your email address after the first payment when the administrator creates an access to your personal account. Usually it takes less than 1 hour, but we try to speed up this process. Save the password – you will need it for watching this and next classes.
    3. Video class is available in your personal account for 7 days.

Whole list of yoga video classes you will find out here

Let’s practice together with us!

Detailed information by phone: : + 7 (495) 646 13 31, everyday from 9:00 till 18:00.

Classes online from home are:

  • Convenient class format

Classes are held in ZOOM. You can join the class using your laptop or phone. All that you need is comfortable clothes and a mat. There are no age restrictions for classes.

  • We support you

Classes are held in English. Our translator is consecutively interpreting all the instructions and teacher’s explanations. If you have any questions on technical parts or payment – we are in touch everyday from 9:00 to 18:00.

  • You can choose a yoga class level and a teacher

You are choosing level accordingly to your physical training and your wishes. Each teacher has his own style of teaching. Practice with different teachers to find yours.

  • Yoga is an ideal practice for home

Yoga classes don’t make noise and don’t interfere with your neighbors. For a hatha yoga practice you don’t need any fitness exercisers. Though you get a maximum effect for your body, you get not only stretching, but also muscle strengthening, getting rid of excess weight, improvement of emotional background, appearance and general well-being.

Detailed information by the phone: + 7 (495) 646 13 31.

Listen to our loyal customers

  • I had an Ayurvedic massage in your salon today. This procedure is amazing. Warm oils plus pleasant 4-hands massage allows you to relax your body, let go of thoughts and just enjoy the procedure. During all the actions that the girls do to you, the brain turns off and you are in bliss. I thank Sheeja and Ambujam for the magic of touching and professional competence.

    Fadeeva Irina
  • Amazing massage! I was at “Soma” massage in February, 2021. Deep gratitude to the 2nd group. They are real professionals of their field!!! It is an awesome impression of synchronized massage in four male hands!!! I completely relaxed and was drifted to some immense space. As if I was dissolved in the Universe!!! Fantastic energy and magic strong hands fulfilled my each cell with calmness and joy. Many thanks to the whole team of your center. Administrators are attentive and kind. Atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. I wish health, happiness and success to the “Kerala” staff!!! I will recommend you to my friends. And I will definitely come back to you again!!! Best regards, Svetlana

    Bondarenko Svetlana
  • I really liked male group of masseurs № 2. At first I had a prejudice concerning male group. But they do very strong massage, the way I like it, effectively. The attitude is very kind. The atmosphere is comfortable. Big thanks!

    Kolyaganova Julia
  • It is really great that in Moscow there is an opportunity to have the miraculous program “Panchakarma”. You don’t have to travel far away, but you can have this unique medical care not far from home. Especially I would like to note the professionalism, delicacy and attentiveness of massage groups № 6 and № 7, and real care of the girls at the reception. Thanks for the created atmosphere to the chief doctor of the clinic Dr. Mohammedali.

    Natalia Zankova
  • I express my deep gratitude to your Center – to all the staff! I visit it every time with great pleasure and delight! On my birthday, masters of a female group gave me a wonderful oil massage, Soma, and, after the procedure I got great pleasure by trying desserts of your delicious cuisine – masala tea, desserts of October – pumpkin cake, ladu, and I surely will be back to your café again. I came to you earlier to marma-therapist-doctor Neel, I studied under his guidance and got a Certificate of marma-massage specialist. Thank you immensely for that opportunity, especially because I myself am a specialist of Ayurveda. Special thanks to your Administrator Natalia – responsible, attentive, professional – she has been supervising me and my friends in all the questions in the Center for many years, she carefully guided us through all the stages of studies of doctor Neel. She recommends to visit yoga therapist Manoj, I have been planning it, she is a wonderful person, bright and light girl. I would like to come back to you again and again – to your Ayurveda Temple! With respect and love,

    Elena Bespalova