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About Oottupura

About Oottupura

Oottupura, literally means, "The place where food is made with the soul.” In our cafe we apply a special approach daily - to cook a meal that is a tasteful delight for everyone to enjoy. Like they say "Adithi Devo Bhava.” People in India consider themselves as an embodiment of "Deva" – a God to whom they have to dedicate their human nature with all purposefulness and wholeheartedness.

Originally the word Oottupura meant an opulent dining room that could be found at the temples and mansions in India. The meals served at those places has always been recognized because of its wholesomeness, epicurean taste, unique smell, colorfulness and texture.

In our cafe we have made everything possible to bring to life the main idea that stands behind these words – “always supremely satisfy our guests.”

About Ayurvedic Indian cuisine

All dishes in our cafe are prepared according to the Ayurvedic canons. Based on Ayurvedic wisdom, the balanced diet should contain six tastes - sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent.

Dosha set that we offer in our cafe completely concurs with this requirement.

The pleasure of eating is very important in Ayurvedic tradition. Indian cuisine gets its bold, complex flavors from an array of spices, that are in addition linked to powerful health benefits. Spices truly could be called the heartbeat of Indian cuisine. Our talented chefs have taken the principles of Indian healing traditions and adopted them to suit Russian taste buds. Our cooking is characterized by creativity, the use of special herbs and spices, and unique preparation methods. If you are ready for your next gourmet adventure, we will be happy to see you in our cafe - a pure food lover's paradise!

About culinary tradition in Kerala state.

For 2000 years Kerala state has been visited by sailors from all over the world. Bargainers and travelers from Greece, Rome, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Europe have been coming to Kerala state for years. Kerala's cuisine blends together local food and overseas dishes in a special way that it doesn't change the uniqueness of indigenous meals.

The cuisine of Kerala is linked to its geographic location, history and culture customs. Traditional Kerala cuisine covers a great variety of dishes. Kerala is well known as the "Land of Spices", the state's local dishes are specially famous for its piquant and colorful flavors.

In Kerala it is customary to serve nourishment on a banana leaf. Coconut oil is an important ingredient in the delicacies of Kerala and it is commonly used in many dishes. Tamarind is one of the most essential ingredients for many traditional Indian food preparation.

Kerala's cuisine are well known for such healthy snacks and appetizers as banana chips, pappadam scones and fried jackfruits.

In Kerala it is very common to see an array of special utensils for various dish preparation such as aduppu - a traditional stove, mun chatting – a stone pot, and china chutti - a round deep frying pan, or wok.