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SOMA massage or Abhyanga is a classical ayurvedic procedure. The simultaneous four-hand oil massage allows to work softly through the whole body from toes to head with ayurvedic oils, thus giving effect on both physical and energetic levels.


Dhara or Shirodhara is one of the most pleasant Ayurvedic treatments, during which a thin stream of warm healing oil is poured on the forehead. It stimulates the frontal area, thus achieving the effect of profound relaxation of the body and peace in mind. Oil is individually selected by Ayurvedic doctor in accordance with the constitution and the current state of the organism.

Specialists of the Center

  • Samjith Yoga teacher


    “I started practicing yoga quite late for India – when I was 18 for health support, but gradually I liked asanas and decided to become a professional yogi”.

  • Napassorn Manuel Kerala’s unique master of thai massage

    Napassorn Manuel

    Don’t hesitate in coming to get to know Kerala’s unique specialist Napassorn and get acquainted with the techniques she applies during her sessions

  • Manoj Nambron Leading yoga therapist

    Manoj Nambron

    “I hold a degree in law, and yoga was just a hobby for me. But, as I studied yoga deeper and deeper, more surprised I was to see what opportunities it bears. Eventually I decided to be a yoga-therapist to get a chance to tell people how this knowledge can help to cure various diseases”.