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Draw game of individual hatha yoga class

Draw game of individual hatha yoga class
Do you want to get an individual yoga class with a teacher from India, 4 500 roubles worth? It’s simple – take part in the drawing!

For that you should attend 8 group or 8 individual classes from April 1 to 30 in the “Kerala” center (one-time or by a membership card) and you automatically will become a participant in a prize drawing!

The draw will take place on the 4th of May, 2021 on the Instagram account of the “Kerala” center – @keralamoscow live by random selection. Follow our news.

Individual class is an opportunity for hatha-yoga devotees, beginners and advanced yogis to improve their practice, to perfect performing of asanas and to pick up a sequence which will be useful exactly for you.

Hatha-yoga has an overall strengthening and therapeutic effect. It regulates work of endocrine, digestive, and circulatory systems, functioning of inner organs, as well as correction of energy movement through nadi-channels. This is why it is that much important to practice under the guidance of experienced specialist.

Hatha-yoga asanas (postures) evenly use all the muscles in the body, which means they are irreplaceable for correction of muscles disbalance, which is provoked by one-way trainings. This is an excellent prevention of “professional” deseases, concreate sequences of asanas promote recover after traumas. Besides, asanas increase strength, joint mobility, stamina and flexibility, as well as improve balance and movement coordination.
If you have not yet joined the friendly team of yogis of the “Kerala” center, now there is a great motivation to refill this gap and make your lifestyle more healthy and mindful, to become more calmer and happier!

For detailed information and booking for yoga-classes ask administrators or call: + 7 (495) 646 13 31

Listen to our loyal customers

  • Amazing massage! I was at “Soma” massage in February, 2021. Deep gratitude to the 2nd group. They are real professionals of their field!!! It is an awesome impression of synchronized massage in four male hands!!! I completely relaxed and was drifted to some immense space. As if I was dissolved in the Universe!!! Fantastic energy and magic strong hands fulfilled my each cell with calmness and joy. Many thanks to the whole team of your center. Administrators are attentive and kind. Atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. I wish health, happiness and success to the “Kerala” staff!!! I will recommend you to my friends. And I will definitely come back to you again!!! Best regards, Svetlana

    Bondarenko Svetlana
  • I really liked male group of masseurs № 2. At first I had a prejudice concerning male group. But they do very strong massage, the way I like it, effectively. The attitude is very kind. The atmosphere is comfortable. Big thanks!

    Kolyaganova Julia
  • It is really great that in Moscow there is an opportunity to have the miraculous program “Panchakarma”. You don’t have to travel far away, but you can have this unique medical care not far from home. Especially I would like to note the professionalism, delicacy and attentiveness of massage groups № 6 and № 7, and real care of the girls at the reception. Thanks for the created atmosphere to the chief doctor of the clinic Dr. Mohammedali.

    Natalia Zankova
  • I express my deep gratitude to your Center – to all the staff! I visit it every time with great pleasure and delight! On my birthday, masters of a female group gave me a wonderful oil massage, Soma, and, after the procedure I got great pleasure by trying desserts of your delicious cuisine – masala tea, desserts of October – pumpkin cake, ladu, and I surely will be back to your café again. I came to you earlier to marma-therapist-doctor Neel, I studied under his guidance and got a Certificate of marma-massage specialist. Thank you immensely for that opportunity, especially because I myself am a specialist of Ayurveda. Special thanks to your Administrator Natalia – responsible, attentive, professional – she has been supervising me and my friends in all the questions in the Center for many years, she carefully guided us through all the stages of studies of doctor Neel. She recommends to visit yoga therapist Manoj, I have been planning it, she is a wonderful person, bright and light girl. I would like to come back to you again and again – to your Ayurveda Temple! With respect and love,

    Elena Bespalova
  • I want to tell great thanks to all the staff of the “Kerala” center. Once again I received support and understanding while passing a difficult period for me. This is my 3rd Panchakarma and each time it was a friendly atmosphere, well-coordinated professional work and, consequently, an excellent result. Regaining health and prolongation of youth. I would like to express my personal gratitude to my amazing, inspiring and demanding doctor Kiran. His charisma and professionalism guided me through all the difficulties of the necessary procedures. «My girls» – group № 6. In their kind and gentle hands I got back my health and love to my body. And, of cause, «the face of the center» is the reception. All girls are smart beauties, they solve any issues with ease as though they are magicians!

    I recommend the «Kerala» center to my family and to all my friends and I myself will come back here for sure. Thank you. Namaste.

    Khromova Vera