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Date and time: 29.07 (Thu), 14:30
Host: Yoga teacher Ramunni
Platfrom: in the “Kerala” center and online in ZOOM
Price: free

In the beginning of August Ramunni will run a 5-day course “Prana-yoga Sadhana”. Dates of the course: 2 (Mon), 3 (Tue), 5 (Thu), 6 (Fri), 9 (Mon) of August at 13:00.

A unique program and author’s approach of Ramunni gained popularity for that course among the guests of the “Kerala” center.

This course covers all 7 steps of traditional sadhana, which are aimed at working with body, mind, emotional state and inner energy. It includes asanas combinations, breathing practices pranayamas and meditation.

If you want to learn how to manage prana – vital powerful energy responsible for breathing, circulation, digestive and endocrine systems, seeking for a way to discover your potential, we invite you for that yoga-course.

Before a 5-day course “Prana-yoga sadhana” we invite you to attend introductory free workshops “Prana Shakti kriya” (part of the course), which will be held by Ramunni on the  July, 29 (Thu) at 14:30.

During these classes you will be able to:
  • meet yoga teacher Ramunni and get to know about his approach and sadhana practice;
  • master practice of expanding the capabilities of energy body – Prana Shakti Kriya;
  • get the answers to your questions;
  • make a decision to participate in a yoga course.
During the introductory seminar you with the teacher Ramunni will master a unique practice Shakti Kriya in seven simple steps. Thanks to this practice you will learn to accumulate and to expand life energy prana, which determines the true nature and potential abilities of a human.

Price of the introductory seminar: free. To book for an introductory seminar in online-format click the “REGISTRATION” button on that page. To book for a participation in the “Kerala” center ask the administrators or call by the phone below.

Cost of a 5-day course: offline – 6 000 rub. (5 VIP-places), online – 3 000 rub.
Attention! There is a special price for the course until 31.07!

For detailed information and booking for a course or for introductory classes – ask administrators or call: +7 (495) 646 13 31

Listen to our loyal customers

  • I want to commend women-professionals from the 5th crew. I want to wish them health and blessing.
    P.S. It’s a pity I didn’t manage to thank them in the native language.

    Karabut L.A.
  • I have learned about this center from the cosmetologist Lidiya, the overall impression matches the declared direction. I loved the massage made with four hands, the massage therapists are absolutely tactful and professional. Thank you very much!

    Solodun L., psychotherapist
  • And of course I can’t help but say thanks to the ladies from reception…because here the visit to this wonderful center starts and comes to an end. Ladies, you are incomparable! You are polite, friendly, smiling, you will solve any difficult question or request with willingness! I thank from my heart all of you, express my love and readiness, thanks to you as well, return to the “Kerala” center again and again. Wish you love and prosperity!

    Karchevskaya Olga
  • I love Vedic cuisine! Imagine my surprise as there is a café with original Vedic cuisine in the “Kerala” center. Even workshops are held here! You can learn firsthand to cook correctly and step by step these healthy and tasty dishes. The atmosphere, deliberateness and sense of peace from mantras in the café – set you up for procedures and from the first minute submerge you in the forthcoming sacrament. I was served by Katyusha! She was nice, tender, friendly, tactful, she told me with willingness and love about nuances of different dishes and helped to make a choice! I thank from my heart Katyusha and the cooks for the pleasure!

    Karchevskaya Olga
  • Today I visited the Paradise – it is the center “Kerala”. Love, warmth and Indian atmosphere permeate everything here – and this is a happy way to health, youth, beauty! Soma massage is an immersion in tender, strong, healing hands of experts. Movements are synchronous and skilled, as if you are in caring hands of the Creator! I thank Arun and Anup for professionalism, delicacy and politeness! Look forward to forthcoming sessions! I am happy as I have found this center, where my body and soul can rest from fuss of city daily routine! Thank you! Heartily and sincerely!

    Karchevskaya Olga