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So-Ham Meditation

About the practice

So-Ham Meditation is a practice which helps to explore yourself and to feel the intercommunication between your physical body and subtle bodies. A special method of articulating So-Ham Mantra described in ancient indian scriptures helps you to feel it.

So-Ham Meditation awakens your body’s internal energy reserves, increasing stamina of body and mind.

This practice is for those who want to develop his meditation techniques and deepen knowledge about himself. For centuries So-Ham Meditation has been used by hermits in ashrams for achieving high concentration. This practice can also fit those who have just begun their path in meditation because it is simple, easy to learn and brings its positive effect quickly.

Structure of the lesson

The lesson consists of three phases, each of them helps you to go deeper and deeper, on that level where “So-Ham” starts to sound within you itself. Sound vibration of your vocal cords seem to interlace with your deep breath, activating Anahata and Vishuddha Chakras.

Syllable “SO” means “God” and is pronounced when inhaling. Syllable “HAM” means “Me” and is pronounced when exhaling. So, you repeat “I am God. God is inside Me”, - many times, over and over again while meditating.

Repetitions of the “SO” syllable helps to open heart chakra Anahata, its energy; it helps you to get rid of depressive thoughts and memories. This practice helps to balance the 4th chakra completely. People whose heart chakra is open are full of love, compassion and are able to forgive. And vice versa, people whose heart chakra is unbalanced or closed, have a tendency to accumulating anger, sorrows, hatred and jealousy. All these manifestations of the 4th chakra need to be healed.

Repetitions of syllable “HAM” helps to open the throat chakra – Vishuddha. This chakra stands for self-actualization. In case it is closed, one feels depressed because of having no self-expression, not articulating his needs and wishes. This Mantra helps to express yourself, according to circumstances. Vishuddha also stands for your energetic and informational impact on people, it increases your communicational power. So, when the vibrations of “HAM” open it, when your 5th chakra is healed, it increases your communication skills, your relations with people around, and ultimately it increases your influence on the world around you.

Effects of the practice:

  • Development of deep breath - for better nourishing of the body with oxygen, what also helps you to learn how to control your emotions and to prevent psycho-somatic diseases;
  • Increasing your lungs capacity, normalizing the diaphragm position and breathing process;
  • Purifying of your nadi – energetic channels, awakening of your hidden inner resources,;achieving a balanced condition and interaction of physical and subtle bodies;
  • Cleaning of your aura, your energy, complex healing of the organism;
  • Enhancing immune system, increasing stamina, speed of reaction and ability to concentrate;
  • Making better emotional background and communication skills.

This class is recommended to you if…

So-Ham Meditation is good for everyone, without any age or health condition limitations. But it is highly recommended to people who:
  • Have any disorder of breathing system, irregular and short breath, respiratory diseases,
  • Have any psycho-somatic disorders, disarrangements of nervous system, high anxiety,
  • Need to train lungs for professional activity – singers, sportsmen, resquers,
  • Have high tense mental stress,
  • For developing skill of high mental concentration and ability to keep calmness in stressful circumstances,
  • Are in periods of ruined daily schedule and need to restore time of waking up and going to sleep, restore emotional and energetic balance, when having jetlags, abnormal work schedule, or being a young mother,
  • Are pensioners who want to stay healthy, to lead an active way of life, to slow down the process of aging, to improve the quality of sleep,
  • Want to improve meditative techniques and breathing practice, to know themselves, to realize unique and holistic nature of human’s body and its internal energy.
Duration – 1 hour.
Level of practitioner – beginner, general level.

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