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Ayurveda and yoga center

About our partners

Our goal is to promote ancient Indian knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga, so that everyone who is involved in it, could have an opportunity to become healthier and happier and to feel harmony between himself and the world around him. We are happy that we have so many likeminded people.


  • No.1 yoga magazine in Russia – Yoga Journal

    We have been closely cooperating with Yoga Journal for a long time. You could meet the guests of Kerala center at the Yoga Journal Conferences. And our teachers participate in project “Yoga in parks” with great pleasure. In each issue of the journal you can find useful advice from our specialists in the field of yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cosmetology.

  • "Indian spices" shop

    Here we purchase spices for our delicious Indian menu at our café “Uttupura”.

  • Functional medicine clinic

    Center services: manual therapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, neurology, Chinese medicine, detoxication, ozone therapy, psychotherapy, phytosauna “Cedar barrel”, hirudotherapy.

  • Concert agency “Shanti Music”

    “Shanti Music” invites in Moscow such outstanding performers of spiritual and without any doubts heartful music as Deva Premal, Prem Josua, Krishna Das. Kerala center provides “Shanti Music” with informational and sponsor support. We are especially devoted to Deva Premal. You can always purchase tickets for her performance in Russia in our center.

  • Online yoga school "DaYoga"

    A great number of sessions of different approaches and styles can be played in HD-quality at PC or TV screen. At the website you can sel ect a session and practice at any convenient time. Soon you will be able to practice yoga online with teachers fr om Kerala center.

  • First wellness portal in Russia “Live”

    We have very close relations with wellness portal “Live”. Recently more and more people take interest in ayurveda and yoga. You can find more and more joint materials at the website of “Live”.

  • Cultural center “White clouds”

    “White clouds” cultural center is located at the very center of Moscow. Here you can always attend a seminar, practice or buy a book. “White clouds” repeatedly held seminars and lections by our specialists and masters invited.