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SOMA massage or Abhyanga is a classical ayurvedic procedure. The simultaneous four-hand oil massage allows to work softly through the whole body from toes to head with ayurvedic oils, thus giving effect on both physical and energetic levels.


Dhara or Shirodhara is one of the most pleasant Ayurvedic treatments, during which a thin stream of warm healing oil is poured on the forehead. It stimulates the frontal area, thus achieving the effect of profound relaxation of the body and peace in mind. Oil is individually selected by Ayurvedic doctor in accordance with the constitution and the current state of the organism.


26 Feb


Power yoga is the most sportive yoga style, associated with hard physical exercises. Throughout the class you will be moving incessantly.

26 Feb


From the 20th until the 26th of February we will treat our guests with Indian scones with various fillings.

25 Feb


It is not a secret that victory and majesty do not lie outside – they are hidden in will power, firmness of character and smart mind. But it is not a simple task to pump these “muscles”…

Specialists of the Center

  • Mokhameddali D.P.M., Ayurvedic therapist


    “I came from hereditary doctors’ family, and I’ve never known any other profession. I followed my father’s example since I was a child. I like my job, it really satisfies me”.

  • Manoj Nambron Yoga-therapist

    Manoj Nambron

    “I hold a degree in law, and yoga was just a hobby for me. But, as I studied yoga deeper and deeper, more surprised I was to see what opportunities it bears. Eventually I decided to be a yoga-therapist to get a chance to tell people how this knowledge can help to cure various diseases”.

  • Arya Murty Yoga teacher

    Arya Murty

    Arya Murty belongs to an ancient Indian Brahmin family. He started his yogic practices at the age of 15. By the age of 18, he was initiated into Mantra Yoga, fructifying his practice with the mantras of Ganesh, Shiva, and Shakti.