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SOMA massage or Abhyanga is a classical ayurvedic procedure. The simultaneous four-hand oil massage allows to work softly through the whole body from toes to head with ayurvedic oils, thus giving effect on both physical and energetic levels.


Herbal bundles for this massage are prepared of Kizhi, a mixture of therapeutic herbal powders wrapped in cloth. Before the procedure podi are heated in oil on copper “pan” called uruli. High temperature and interaction with oil activate the healing properties of herbs and they open up giving the maximum of their beneficial properties.


21 Jul

“KERALA” center at the VI International Yoga Festival FREE SPIRIT

FREE SPIRIT is the largest professional yoga festival in Russia!

We are happy to tell you that the largest professional yoga event, the VI International Yoga Festival FREE SPIRIT will take place very soon – on the 21-23rd of July.

15 Jul

Retreat “Regression therapy. Therapy of the past”

We’ll learn to get rid of the negative effects of the past and heal ourselves from emotional traumas.

21 Jun


Traditional immersion into yoga practice in the format of aganda-yoga. The key feature of this format is continuity of practice that lasts for several hours, during which instructors and styles are changing one another. Students can join at any time and stay for as many classes as they want.

Specialists of the Center

  • Mokhameddali D.P.M., Ayurvedic therapist


    “I came from hereditary doctors’ family, and I’ve never known any other profession. I followed my father’s example since I was a child. I like my job, it really satisfies me”.

  • Manoj Nambron Yoga-therapist

    Manoj Nambron

    “I hold a degree in law, and yoga was just a hobby for me. But, as I studied yoga deeper and deeper, more surprised I was to see what opportunities it bears. Eventually I decided to be a yoga-therapist to get a chance to tell people how this knowledge can help to cure various diseases”.

  • Arya Murty Yoga teacher

    Arya Murty

    Arya Murty belongs to an ancient Indian Brahmin family. He started his yogic practices at the age of 15. By the age of 18, he was initiated into Mantra Yoga, fructifying his practice with the mantras of Ganesh, Shiva, and Shakti.