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About ayurvedic cafe

About ayurvedic cuisine

All dishes in our café are prepared accordingly to the ayurvedic canons. According to Ayurveda, the balanced diet should include all 6 tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. Dosa set that we offer in our café fully complies this requirement. The joy and pleasure of eating is also very important in the Ayurvedic tradition, therefore Indian dishes is always pleasing to the eye. And, of course, Indian cuisine is inconceivable without Indian spices. But our chefs pay attention to the cultural difference and food habits of our guests, so most of the dishes on our menu are adapted to European standards of “spicy taste”. If you are ready to try authentic Indian spicy food, choose the items with a pepper sign in the menu.

About culinary traditions in Kerala state

For 2000 years Kerala has been visited by sailors from all around the world: bargainers and travelers were coming from Greece, Rome, the Eastern Mediterranean, Arabian countries and Europe. Therefore Kerala’s cuisine unites the local food and the dishes that suites foreigners without changing the taste of the inhabitants.

Kerala’s culinary treasures developed by the influence of its history, geographical location, demography and cultural specifics. Traditional Kerala cuisine includes a great variety of dishes.

Kerala is called the Land of Spices. State’s cuisine is really famous for its herby and spicy dishes. According to a tradition, food should be served on a banana leaf. Almost every dish contains coconut oil. Along with tamarind, spices create a unique bouquet of exotic flavor and coconut dampens the sharpness of tamarind. Among the popular dishes here are pappadam scones, banana chips and fried jackfruits.

In Kerala they use a special utensil for cooking. For example, aduppu — a square hearth, mun chatti — a stone pot, china chutti (literally “Chinese pot”) — a round deep frying pan, or wok.