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  • Surya Namaskara

    Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation is the most well-known and ancient complex of asanas. It is not just a sequence of physical exercises, but also a full spiritual practice. Usually Surya Namaskara is practiced in the beginning of a session as all muscles are engaged. So it is the best practice for warming up. Teachers often say that if you do not have much time for practice, do several rounds of Surya Namaskara as it is comprehensive morning exercises that will awake your whole body and fill it with energy for a whole day. To understand all peculiarities of this unique sequence, come to our seminar.

  • Tantra-Yoga

    Tantra is an ancient practice of energy release in order to develop awareness. This energy is called Kundalini. It slumbers at the base of spine like a snake waiting to be awakened. Tantra yoga can help you to activate this energy filling your life with new colors. Thanks to this practice, you charge your body with energy, fill mind with awareness. This practice contains a wide variety of techniques from Hatha yoga (asanas, pranayama, mudras and bandhas), Nidra yoga as well as kriyas (cleansing practices).

  • Power Yoga

    If you think that yoga is too dull and passive, you have to visit this seminar. Power yoga is designed for temperamental people who cannot patiently exercise static postures and smooth transition from one asana to another. It is the most “sportive” type of yoga, which makes you more flexible, neat and stretched. Seminar will help you to learn power practice and their peculiarities and prospects.

  • Pranayama

    Literally, pranayama means control of your breath or prana (life force). Ancient texts say that each person has a fixed number of inhales and exhales, i.e. correct (calm and deep) breathing not just improves your health, but also prolongs life. At the seminar, you will learn various breathing techniques; learn about levels of human being Pranamaya Kosha (the Energetic Body); basic pranas and their purpose. Doing special breathing exercises, you will learn to control your mental and physical state.

  • Yoga Nidra

    Nidra yoga is called “yogic sleep”, and there is a reason for it – one hour of practice is equal to four hours of usual healthy sleep. This practice helps to relieve tension, get rid of stress and depression, as well as it is useful for physical and mental exhaustion. Being on the edge of the Dreaming and Waking State, a person can feel deep relaxation for short period. Besides Nidra yoga has rejuvenating effect. This practice will be especially useful for residents of big cities who are always under pressure. мудрами . Выполняя специальные дыхательные упражнения, вы научитесь управлять своим психическим и физическим состоянием

  • Siddha Hatha yoga

    Siddha Hatha yoga is an ancient system aimed at achieving of harmony between body and mind. By combining different yoga practices such as asanas, mantra chanting, breathing techniques, pratyahara (technique of withdrawal of senses from objects which they are linked to), and dharana (mind concentration on object), Siddha yoga helps to concentrate and find peace. Do not miss an opportunity to enrich your practice and learn new techniques under supervision of yoga teacher.

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Pregnancy is a special period in life of each woman, which brings many changes. And yoga differs as well. At the seminar you will learn which asana you should avoid, and which one can help you to overcome weaknesses which are natural during pregnancy period. Samjit will tell you about importance of yoga during pregnancy, show you different practices and explain how to do they work. *We do not recommend to practice yoga at first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Advarthana Dhyana

    Meditation technique Advarthana Dhyana was created at Vivekananda Kendra ashrama (cultural center). It helps to relax and relieve inner tension. The very core of this technique is a sequence of active and passive meditation. Active meditation includes asanas which should be performed very slowly while feeling all sensations and changes in your body. Passive meditation is a technique of instant and deep relaxation. Cyclic meditation improves digestive system and enables to reach the deepest relaxation. This technique is especially useful for treatment of psycho-somatic diseases. If you want to try this practice, come to our seminar.

  • Hatha yoga

    Get involved in genuine philosophy of yoga! Start your practice with an Indian teacher! Simple asanas and basic breathing techniques are available for people with different level of training. With the first Shavasana you will understand why yoga is becoming more popular day by day. To learn more about this ancient knowledge, we have included in the seminar not only practice, but theory as well.

  • Yoga for beginners

    If you have never practiced yoga before, but you are eager to try, this class is just for you! To learn more about this ancient knowledge, we have included in the class not only practice, but theory as well.  Under the supervision of an experienced Indian teacher, you will learn some simple asanas and how each asana influences the body, how to breathe and relax while practicing.