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Kerala is a unique place on Earth, where “the science of life” Ayurveda originated, developed and was widely spread. Ayurveda believes true human beauty to be composed of outer, inner and spiritual beauty. By working on these three aspects, anyone can reach a balance of the body healthy condition; hence open his harmonic and wholly personality as it is originally supposed to be.


“Njavar” rice, used in this procedure, makes it unique. This rice is ground up into powder, and then a specialist prepares a healing paste by mixing rice with herbal medicine and fresh milk. Masseurs apply it all over the body below neck with gentle massage movements, thus softly working through muscles and joints.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure – RUB 5 000

3 procedures – RUB 4 800

5 procedures – RUB 4 750

BASHPA steaming in Indian sauna

Main specifics of Indian sauna is in the fact that your head is left outside, since, according to Ayurveda, head overheat is extremely harmful for health. For this procedure, one uses a barrel, which can be filled in with steam in a blink of an eye. Steam is the main secret ingredient of bashpa. It comes from a special medical herbs decoction.  Подробней

Duration — 30 minutes.

Price:1 procedure – RUB 2 300

3 procedures – RUB 2 100

CROWN oil procedure for head

According to Ayurveda, human body is like an inverted tree: its "roots" is a head, "trunk" - the torso, and the "branches" - limbs, it is the head where health of the whole body starts.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour .

Price:1 procedure – RUB 6600.

3 procedures – RUB 2 650

5 procedures – RUB 2 600

DHANYAMLA DHARA the impact on subcutaneous fat, fighting for excess fat and excess weight.

Dhanyamlam is a special decoction of herbs, cooked according to the traditional recipe and all the rules of Ayurveda. Its main purpose is the impact on subcutaneous fat, fighting for excess fat and excess weight.


Duration — 60 min.

Price:6 500 rub

DHARA classic oil treatment

Dhara or Shirodhara is one of the most pleasant Ayurvedic treatments, during which a thin stream of warm healing oil is poured on the forehead. It stimulates the frontal area, thus achieving the effect of profound relaxation of the body and peace in mind. Oil is individually selected by Ayurvedic doctor in accordance with the constitution and the current state of the organism.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure – RUB 7500.

3 procedures – RUB 6 100.

5 procedures – RUB 5 900.

MASUP massage with natural therapeutic powders

In ayurveda masup is a special mixture of medicated herbs and spices, which are then ground into powder and mixed with rice flour and chickpea flour. This is the miraculous powder which is used during Masup that gave name to this famous ayurvedic procedure.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure– RUB 6 800.

3 procedures– RUB 6 650

5 procedures– RUB 6 600

NASYA nasal cleansing with Ayurvedic oil

Nasya is the best means against neck problems, such as pains, numbing, compression, lumbago, osteochondrosis and many other. And may you not be surprised by the fact that our specialists will not work with your neck during this procedure.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure – RUB 3 100

2 procedures – RUB 2 950

5 procedures – RUB 2 900

NAVAR bundles massage with healing rice

This massage is named after a special sort of curative rice which is used during this procedure. The rice is boiled in mixture of curative herbs brew and milk, then it is put in small soft balls made of cloth for massage.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure – RUB 6500

3 procedures – RUB 6350

PODI Bundle massage with herbal powders

Herbal bundles for this massage are prepared of Kizhi, a mixture of therapeutic herbal powders wrapped in cloth. Before the procedure podi are heated in oil on copper “pan” called uruli. High temperature and interaction with oil activate the healing properties of herbs and they open up giving the maximum of their beneficial properties.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure– RUB 6 500

3 procedures– RUB 6 350

5 procedures– RUB 6 300

SOMA a classical ayurvedic procedure

SOMA massage or Abhyanga is a classical ayurvedic procedure. The simultaneous four-hand oil massage allows to work softly through the whole body from toes to head with ayurvedic oils, thus giving effect on both physical and energetic levels.  Подробней

Duration — 1 hour.

Price:1 procedure - RUB 4 600

3 procedures – RUB 4 450

5 procedures – RUB 4 400

Specialists of the Center

Listen to our loyal customers

  • I’ve heard about your center many times and, finally, decided to take a course of complete body purification - Panchakarma. I'd like to share my impressions about the passage of this procedure.
    Panchakarma can really be called the best Ayurvedic program for a modern person, because it is possible to experience so many emotions, feelings and different states alternating from a bad state, very bad state, to the state of ease, harmony and happiness thanks to Panchakarma !!! In my opinion this is a powerful tool for acquiring a new meaning of life and personal changes !!!
    And I'm grateful to your center for this new and very important to me feelings! I really want to mention professional skills and excellent service provided by you. Special thanks to Dr. Kiran! Many thanks to all the staff. To all the girls at the reception, especially Shabanova Elena, Slubskaya Irina, Kalinina Catherine and Ryazanova Alexandra !!! And Polyakova Alexandra !!! And, of course, many thanks and a deep bow to my massage team № 8: Bhaskaran, Mukesh, Sooraj, Arun for their professionalism, attention, kindness, sensitivity, amazing delicacy, compassion and humanity !!! With all my heart I wish your center PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS !!!

    Pshenichnaya Anna
  • Many thanks to Sridjit for his magic! He is a wonderful astrologer, he helps you to understand yourself, your own nature, and also he gives very useful life advice. Thank you!

    Yeliseyeva Tatyana
  • It is always a pleasure to be at your center. It is the place of peace and harmony. Getting in its balanced and positive energies I always feel that myself, I get balanced, my mind gets clear and calm, new ideas arise and sober decisions come. It is an oasis that is so desirable in a megapolis. Thanks to you all! Enthusiastic staff, very attentive and careful people!
    And I would like to especially mark out therapists of the 9th group who gave me Soma massage today. Brilliant! I feel myself completely renew. Thank you!

    Svetlana Zhimaylova
  • I would like to share with you my impressions of Dr. Kiran’s work. I’ll be happy if my feedback is useful and is going to help more people to get healthy and happy. Dr. Kiran is a godsend for those whose problems are related to mind and have psychosomatic origin. With the help of music and sound vibrations, he’s tuning the body on a subtle level, just like a musical instrument, so fine and carefully. There are some unseen processes being launched, and the restored energy begins to flow inside the body. The body starts to vibrate in a new way, so pure and beautiful. At the very first appointment, using the music therapy, doctor has managed to find out the root of my problem and began the healing process for an old psychological trauma that had got literally ‘stuck’ in my body and had been destroying it for a long time. Before coming to ‘Kerala’ center, I’d spent many years, energy and money trying to fix this problem. I forgot what joy was and the feeling of freedom, liveliness. I was in despair. But with the help of music therapy, all my pain, insult and anger have stepped back, dissolved to free some space for serenity, ease and optimism. I’m grateful to God for that He had led me to ‘Kerala’ center, to the true Doctor. This is truly an art and magic. This is a miracle. I believe now that everything will be fine. I’m now surrounded by the open-hearted and professional people, ready to help. Thank you for all!

    Larisa Kuzmina
  • Dr. Kiran is an amazing doctor. It’s the first time when I meet such a competent specialist and a heartwarming person at the same time.

    I didn’t want to have an operation for the removal of fibroids, nor to take hormonal drugs. I confided in Dr. Kiran and it gave me an incredible result - myoma has decreased dramatically.

    Besides that main issue, I can say that my health status has improved in total, as an effect of Dr. Kiran’s medicine. I feel like I’ve been collected in parts; I’ve become stronger both physically and mentally.

    I was shocked by the music therapy, too. I didn’t expect such effect and was quite skeptical until I tried it myself. All the tension, anxiety and fatigue disappeared instantly, as if they never existed.

    Great thanks to Dr. Kiran and to Kerala center for the oasis of harmony and for the source of health!

    Kiresh Usanesku